Useful Information for Incoming Students

The School is located in the University Campus at the Law School building. Most lectures take place in conference rooms A and B on the ground floor of this building. In addition, some lectures are held in a separate building around 15 minutes walk from the main University Campus (on 46 Egnatia Avenue – a main thoroughfare running along the city). The School’s library and most of the staff offices are located there. For further contact and information see the following web address:
The School and the University provide for a system of ERASMUS “buddies” which incoming students may ask for.

Institutional Account / Academic ID
Upon arrival at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, all students must  register with the Erasmus Office (Department of European Educational Programmes), located  at the first floor of the Administration Building at the University Campus,  where they obtain their ‘Erasmus ID’ Card. With this card they must then register in the Secretariat of the School where they will study during their Erasmus+ Period. Moreover, all incoming students need to obtain an Academic ID (‘Passo’).

Library and Information Centre
The Library and Information Centre of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is an independent university unit which consists of the Central Library and its branches (Specialized Academic Libraries and Departmental Libraries). Further information is available from here:

University Student Club
More than 15.000 meals are served free of charge to all members of the university community on a daily basis by the University Student Club. Further information is available from here:

In order to help the Incoming Erasmus+ and Erasmus Mundus students to find accommodation, the Department of European Educational Programmes has added in its website a link showing flat and/or room advertisements from independent landlords:

The Greek Student members of the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) are also available for queries concerning your contact with the proprietors.
You can also find a list of real estate agents here:

Student Health Services/ Insurance/ Special needs
All Aristotle University students, including foreigner visitors, have equal rigths regarding their possible needs for health care. Further information is available from here:

School of Modern Greek Language
The School of Modern Greek Language of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has been offering Greek language and culture courses to foreigners and Greeks living abroad since 1970. It operates under the supervision of the faculty members of the Faculty of Philosophy. The School also offers tailor-made courses for specific purposes, as well as training seminars for teachers of Greek. It participates in research and educational programmes conducted in collaboration with domestic and external agencies. It also organizes exams for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek, a prerequisite for foreign students to enroll in a Greek university. The teaching personnel of the School is experienced, highly qualified and involved in the production of teaching material.
Its role is not limited to teaching Greek. The School also focuses on various activities and cultural events, and hosts hundreds of students from all over the world, thus creating a multicultural environment. Hence, students get acquainted with the Greek way of life and enjoy contact with different people in the warm and lively atmosphere. Further information is available from here:

Centre for Foreign Language Teaching
The Centre for Foreign Language Teaching is an Academic Unit of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and offers courses in Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP). The main languages taught are English, German, French, and Italian. Further information is available from here:

University Gym
The University Gym of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki provides the students and personnel of the university with a wide range of sports programmes and activities. Further information is available from here:

Getting to Thessaloniki
The city of Thessaloniki may be reached by plane, train or bus.

By plane:
The easiest way to get to Thessaloniki is by a direct fly to the city’s airport called “Makedonia International Airport”:
The airport serves both international and domestic flights. Most major airline companies have direct flights to Thessaloniki or flights via Athens. Thessaloniki airport (SKG) is the second biggest airport in Greece and is located 14km east of the city center.
By train:
The National Railway Company is called “OSE”:
Thessaloniki’s Railway Station is centrally located (28 Monastiriou Str.) and is conveniently connected with the rest of the city via public transportation. If you are coming to Thessaloniki via Athens the “Express” or “Intercity” trains are suggested in order to travel faster.
By bus:
The National Bus Company is called “KTEL”:

If you are coming to Thessaloniki via Athens, it is a 511km (approximately 6 hours) journey. In order to travel by bus to Thessaloniki or from Thessaloniki to any destination in Greece you may find all the necessary information by contacting the “Makedonia Intercity Bus Station (KTEL) of Theassaloniki:
By ship:
Thessaloniki’s port is connected by sea with other major ports and islands:

Cost of Living
Thessaloniki is known as a “friendly” city with an active cultural and social life. Beyond the museums, there are numerous movie theaters (foreign films are screened with subtitles), several theaters, a state and a city orchestra, cafes, restaurants and bars.
It is estimated that, on the average, a Greek student spends at least 600 Euro per month for private accommodation, utilities, food and transportation. The following list includes the prices of some basic goods that determine the cost of living (the list is indicative):

Item    Price in Euro
Bus ticket    1,00 € / half price if you obtain the Academic ID Card (tickets cost +0,10 € inside the bus)
Bottle of water (0,5lt)    0,40-0,50 €
Bottle of water (1,5lt)    0,60-1,00€
Milk (1 lt)    1,00-1,50 €
Refreshments    1,00-2,00 €
Coffee (at a cafeteria)    2,00-4,50 €
Beer (at a bar)    3,00-6,00 €
Cinema ticket    7,50 €
Concert ticket    20,00€ (varies)

Useful information for foreign students considering coming to Greece