Staff Meeting Hours

Name Ώρες Συνεργασίας
Aarbakke Vemund Winter semester: Friday 3-5
Andreadis Ioannis Winter semester:Tuesday 14-15 Egnatia Wednesday 14-15 Lecturers office
Andreou George Winter semester: Tuesday 18-20 Lecturers office
Vernardakis Christoforos On leave as a member of the parliament
Gaitenidis Nikos
Dourakis George Winter semester: Monday 12-2 Lecturers office
Drosos Dionysis Winter semester: Wednesday 11-12 Egnatia, Thursday 11-12 Lecturers office
Zafeiri Makrina
Kavala Maria Wednesday 10:30-12
Kavoulakos Karolos Iosif Winter semester: Monday 5-6, Tuesday 3-4 Lecturers office
Kioupkiolis Alexandros Winter semester: Wednesday 5-6
Lazou Vasiliki Winter semester: Wednesday 18:30-19:30 Thursday 12:15-13:15
Makris Leonidas Monday 12-13 Lecturers office
Margaritis George Winter semester: Any time following phone communication
Markaki Evaggelia Monday 14-15
Marketos Spyros Winter semester: Friday 1-3
Milosis Dimitris Winter semester: Monday 12-3 (lecture room 107), Tuesday-Wednesday 10-12 Egnatia
Panagiotidou Georgia Χειμερινό εξάμηνο: Δευτέρα 16:00-18:00
Pantazopoulos Andreas Winter semester: Monday 2-4
Papageorgiou Yannis Winter semester: Wednesday 17-18 Egnatia, Friday 11-12 Lecturers office
Papaikonomou Antonis Winter semester: Tuesday 10-13, Wednesday 10-12, Thursday 10-13, Friday 10-11
Papastathis Konstantinos Winter semester: Wednesday 12-13 Lecturers office
Rotzokos Nikos Winter semester: Monday 5-6 & Tuesday 12-1 Lecturers office
Sevastakis Nikolas Winter semester: Thursday 4-6
Skamnakis Andonis Winter semester: Tuesday 15-17 Egnatia 46 4th floor
Stavrakakis Yannis Winter semester: On academic leave
Stefanidis Ioannis Winter semester: Wednesday 10-12, Thursday 10-12
Stylianou Aris Winter semester: Tuesday 13-14 Egnatia Wednesday 18-19Lecturers office
Teperoglou Eftichia Winter semester: Monday 11-13
Tziaras Kostas Wednesday 16-18, Lecturers Office
Chadjipadelis Theodore Winter semester: Monday 13:00-16:00