Course List

Compulsory courses - Spring/Winter
Code Title ECTS
ΚΥ0000 Introduction to Academic Research in Political Sciences 2
Optional courses - Spring
Code Title ECTS
ΚΕ0Ε01 State and Society in Modern Greece 4
ΚΕ0Ε02 The Cypriot issue 4
ΚΕ0Ε03 Introduction to Public Finance 4
ΚΕ0Ε04 Political Systems in the Balkans (taught in english) 4
ΚΕ0Ε20 Philosophies of Freedom 4
ΚΕ0Ε25 Introduction to Political Communication 4
ΚΕ0Ε28 The Non-European World 4
ΚΕ0Ε30 Space and Electoral Analysis 4
ΚΕ0Ε31 Policies of the European Union 4
ΚΕ0Ε35 European Union Politics and Government 4
ΚΕ0Ε37 Holocaust and Historical Memory 4
ΚΕ0Ε40 Game Theory and Decision Making 4
ΚΕ0Ε42 Contemporary Democracy Issues 4
ΚΕ0Ε44 Issues of Contemporary Political Philosophy 4
ΚΕ0Ε46 The Greek Crisis (taught in english) 4
ΚΕ0Ε47 Eastern Mediterranean: Contemporary Diplomacy and Politics 4
ΚΕ0Ε52 International Organizations 4
ΚΕ0Ε53 Electoral Behaviour and Multi-Level Governance 4
ΚΕ0Ε56 Politics and Government in Southern Europe. A Comparative Analysis 4
ΚΕ0Ε57 Politics and Society on the Eve of the Revolution of 1821 4
ΚΕ0Ε58 Latin America. Politics, Society and International Relations 4
ΚΕ0Ε59 Issues of Social Philosophy 4
ΚΕ0Ε60 Revolution 1821. The War for Independence 4
ΚΕ0Χ13 From the Great French Revolution to 1848 4
ΚΕ0Χ30 The Greek State: Administrative Structure 4
ΚΕ0Χ34 Political Web Surveys 4
ΚΕ0Χ40 Refugees and Immigrants (19th-20th century): Pogroms, Genocide, WW2, Today's Population Movements 4
ΚΕ0Χ47 Η Μέση Ανατολή Σημερα 4
ΚΕ0Χ53 Qualitative Research Methods in the Digital Age 4
Optional courses - Spring/Winter
Code Title ECTS
ER000 Greece today (taught in English) 4
ΚΕΣ001 Vocational Training 4