Course List

Spring and winter courses

Core courses are defined by the letters KYO. When the number that follows is 1,3,5 or 7 (such as KYO104, KYO304 and so on) the course is taught in the winter semester. When the number that follows is 2,4,6 or 8 (such as KYO403, KYO802 and so on) the course is taught in the spring semester.

Elective courses are defined by the letters KEO. When the letter that follows is an X (such as KEOX06 or KEOX23) the course is taught in the winter semester.When the letter that follows is an E (such as KEOE03 or KEOE09) the course is taught in the spring semester.

Code Title ECTS
ΚΥ0101 Introduction to Political Science I 5
ΚΥ0804 Civil Wars in the Modern World 5
ΚΥ0102 Political Philosophy in Ancient Greece 5
ΚΥ0103 Modern Greek Political History ( 1821 - 1909 ) 5
ΚΥ0105 International Relations 5
ΚΥ0206 Mathematics in Political Science: An Introduction 5
ΚΥ0301 Introduction to Political Sociology 5
ΚΥ0302 Contemporary Political Theories I 5
ΚΥ0303 Enlightment and Formation of Political Ideologies in Greece 5
ΚΥ0304 Political System and Party Formations in Contemporary Greece ( 1946 - 1974 ) 5
ΚΥ0305 Statistics for the Social Sciences 5
ΚΥ0501 The Political System of the European Union 5
ΚΥ0503 Greek Foreign Policy (after the Second World War) 5
ΚΥ0504 Political Discourse Analysis 5
ΚΥ0104 Modern Political Philosophy I 5
ΚΥ0606 Theories of Social Contract 5
ΚΥ0701 Contemporary Social Theory 5
ΚΥ0702 Social and Electoral Geography of Greece 5
ΚΥ0705 International Political Economy and Development 5
ΚΥ0706 War and Politics 5
Code Title ECTS
ΚΥ0000 Introduction to Academic Research in Political Sciences 2
Code Title ECTS
ΚΥ0802 Ontology and Politics. The Problem of Evil 5
ΚΥ0805 Greek Political Parties since 1974 5
ΚΥ0806 New Social Movements 5
ΚΥ0106 Contemporary European History 5
ΚΥ0201 Introduction to Comparative Politics: Political Systems in Contemporary Europe 5
ΚΥ0203 Contemporary Greek Political History ( 1910 - 1974 ) 5
ΚΥ0204 Contemporary Political Philosophy II: 19th century 5
ΚΥ0205 Constitutional Formation of the State: Organizational Foundations of the Greek Polity 5
ΚΥ0208 Introduction to Political Science II 5
ΚΥ0405 Quantitative Methods of Analysis in the Social Sciences 5
ΚΥ0404 Introduction to Political Economy 5
ΚΥ0403 European Integration: History, Theory and Institutions 5
ΚΥ0402 Classic Social Theory 5
ΚΥ0401 The Greek System of Governance 5
ΚΥ0502 The State and Public Policies 5
ΚΥ0602 Contemporary Political Theories II 5
ΚΥ0607 Politics and Minorities in the Balkans 5
ΚΥ0604 Anti-Parliamentarianism and Dictatorships in Greece 5
Code Title ECTS
ΚΕ0Ε33 Models of Electoral Behaviour Analysis 4
ΚΕ0Χ04 Human rights policies 4
ΚΕ0Ε17 History of Economic Crisis 4
ΚΕ0Χ11 Issues of Applied Political Analysis 4
ΚΕ0Χ20 The Political Economy of Postwar Greece 4
ΚΕ0Χ25 European Union Institutions and Policies 4
ΚΕ0Χ27 Music, History, Politics: From Monteverdi to Verdi 4
ΚΕ0Χ08 Nationalism: Ideology and Practices 4
ΚΕ0Χ34 Political Web Surveys 4
ΚΕ0Χ43 Social Solidarity Economy 4
ΚΕ0Χ31 Contemporary Issues of International Politics 4
ΚΕ0Χ35 Topics in Comparative Politics:The Political Systems of France and Great Britain 4
ΚΕ0Χ03 The Mass Media in Contemporary Greece 4
ΚΕΟΧ44 Practice and Policies of Political Repression in Modern World 4
ΚΕΟΧ48 Energy Resourses and Politics: 19th to 21st century 4
ΚΕ0Ε44 Issues of Contemporary Political Philosophy 4
ΚΕ0Ε24 Tradition and Modernization in Post - War Greece 4
ΚΕ0Χ39 Greek Politics (taught in English) 4
ΚΕ0Χ37 State and Market: Liberalism, Neoliberalism and Democracy 4
ΚΕ0Ε28 The Non-European World 4
Code Title ECTS
ΚΕΟΕ19 Politics and religions 4
ΚΕ0Χ49 Educational practices and policies 4
Code Title ECTS
ΚΕΣ001 Vocational Training 4
ER000 Greece today (taught in English) 3
Code Title ECTS
ΚΕ0Ε31 Policies of the European Union 4
ΚΕ0Χ47 Η Μέση Ανατολή Σημερα 4
ΚΕ0Ε30 Space and Electoral Analysis 4
ΚΕ0Ε43 Voting Advice Applications 4
ΚΕ0Ε50 Russian Revolution and Soviet Power 4
ΚΕ0Ε52 International Organizations 4
ΚΕ0Χ30 The Greek State: Administrative Structure 4
ΚΕΟΕ40 Game Theory and Decision Making 4
ΚΕ0Ε01 State and Society in Modern Greece 4
ΚΕ0Ε02 The Cypriot issue 4
ΚΕ0Ε03 Introduction to Public Finance 4
ΚΕ0Ε47 Eastern Mediterranean: Contemporary Diplomacy and Politics 4
ΚΕ0Ε04 Political Systems in the Balkans (taught in english) 4
ΚΕ0Ε07 Socialist Movement and Ideas 4
ΚΕ0Ε16 Utopias and Political Imagination in Modernity 4
ΚΕ0Ε20 Philosophies of Freedom 4
ΚΕ0Ε53 Electoral Behaviour and Multi-Level Governance 4
ΚΕ0Ε25 Introduction to Political Communication 4
ΚΕ0Ε37 Holocaust and Historical Memory 4
ΚΕ0Ε42 Contemporary Democracy Issues 4
ΚΕ0Ε46 The Greek Crisis (taught in english) 4
ΚΕ0Χ40 Refugees and Immigrants (19th-20th century): Pogroms, Genocide, WW2, Today's Population Movements 4
Code Title ECTS
ΚΕ0Ε45 Populism and democracy 4
ΚΕ0Ε22 Regional Inequalities and Cohesion in the European Union 4